Youth Gathering Update


As the weather starts to warm, we realize that summer and the National Youth Gathering is fast approaching. Due to the generosity of our church family, we have our airline tickets and down payment of our registration and hotel rooms paid for. At present, that leaves $3640.00 in our bank account with the following due: Registration completion ($2600.00, due by May 15th , the balance of the hotel rooms (due upon check out) $4914.00, for a total due of $7,514.00. This leaves us $3,874.00 left to raise. We will have one more event at which you can donate towards our cause. On the next 5th Sunday, April 29th, we will host a baked spaghetti plate sale after the combined worship service. We do ask for your support of these events. As always, any other donations would be greatly appreciated. This event is always a highlight for the youth and your generosity and support is a reflection of the love you have for our young people. Thanks again from all of the participants: Wyatt and Bowen Strang, Felder and Davis Fogle, Bree and Chase Plesko, Katie Fischer, Kathleen Dial, Krista Spoores, Max Roehrs, Pastor and Beth Fischer and Amy Goodson.