Fellowship Hall upkeep rules

Now that we have completed the Fellowship Hall upgrades, some of you may be wondering about the care of the floors and the cleaning process. Below is a summary of the process, including the cleaning of the floors. If you have any questions, contact Ernie Thorns.
The chairperson of the group serving the meal is responsible for seeing that people are assigned to clean up after the meal in order to leave it clean for the next group using the room.
Meeting room cleanup
• Wipe off the top of all tables in meeting room that were used. Antiseptic wipes are stored in kitchen.
• Wipe up any wet spills on tables and floor with paper towels or hand wipes.
• Sweep floor with the dust mop stored in the room to the left of the stage.
• Remove trash bags from trash can and place in outside trash container. Place a new trash bag in each trash can.
• Dish towels and cloths used for cleanup are to be taken home and washed.