The first of two informational meetings was held on Sunday, April 23 to give congregational members an opportunity to discuss possible updates to the Fellowship Hall and to obtain feedback and suggestions. (The second meeting will be held on Sunday, May 7 at 10:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.)
Despite the challenging weather that day, the meeting on April 23 was well attended. Tom Weeks presented a summary of ideas that were put together by the small, informal groups that met on February 20 and March 9. These are briefly summarized below. The meeting resulted in several questions and suggestions that will help the Fellowship Hall Update Committee refine the original ideas. Three new ideas were introduced by congregational members in attendance. These include: 1) eliminating the stage to expand the seating area at floor level, 2) installing a new ceiling and new LED lights, and 3) replacing the wooden chairs with modern, lighter weight, padded chairs. At this point, everything is up for consideration and discussion. The Committee welcomes additional input from members before beginning the task of developing a proposal to present to Council. Everyone’s input is important and will be helpful. If you did not attend the first meeting, please try to attend the meeting on May 7. If you attended the meeting on April 23, you are encouraged to also attend the second meeting. An exchange of ideas and discussion can only be beneficial to reach a consensus on this project and move forward.
•Replace carpet with luxury vinyl wood-grain flooring
Estimated cost: $12,200.00
•Install drywall over concrete block walls and over paneling on both sides of the stage. Install trim
around windows and install baseboard, chair rail and crown molding
Estimated cost: $10,555.00
•Relocate the ice machine to the closet area in the hallway
Estimated cost: $600.00
•Replace old blinds with new 2-inch wide blinds or with plantation shutters
Estimated cost (blinds): $1,100.00
Estimated cost (shutters): $5,800.00
•Replace stage curtain
Estimated cost: $600.00
•Replace table covers
Estimated cost: $900.00
•Eliminate curtains (and rods)
Estimated cost: None
Total estimated cost (with blinds): $25,955.00
Total estimated cost (with shutters): $30,655.00