Congregational Work Day

December Congregational Work Day
Saturday, December 2

9:00 a.m.- 12:00 Noon Work Day
-Spread mulch at sides and front of Sanctuary, front of office.
-Front Parking Lot — Clean up leaves, debris and sticks in planted areas of front parking lot and in rear of front parking lot.
-Remove lower branches from Pecan tree next to the picnic tables.
-Remove weeds from around garage carport.
-Trim back branches growing over the fence around Playground.
-Rake up leaves, and pecan husks from yard around Playground.
-Remove leaves from steps to Sanctuary furnace room.
-Store hoses for Winter. Shut off water to Sanctuary outside faucets.

Luther House – Rake up leaves, and pecan husks from back yard. Trim Red Tip bush next to driveway back away from the driveway.