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Attention Men and Women of Holy Trinity: As you probably know, our Holy Trinity WELCA Circles provide food to the families of deceased members. Each situation is different, of course, but can be anything from a full meal to light refreshments. Sometimes we find ourselves facing a little difficulty in having enough food for the bereaving families. Because we never know what we might need and because these plans are made on such short notice, would you be willing to help by providing a side dish or dessert to be shared at this time? If you are a non-active WELCA member of Holy Trinity or a man of Holy Trinity, are you willing to be called upon to help out with the meal preparation? We would greatly appreciate your signing up for this service to our church family. As food is needed, you will be contacted by the WELCA President and asked to help out. Please sign your name below and place this form in the offering plate or talk to one of our WELCA Board Members, either in person or by phone: Roz Eckardt at 225-3810, Christa Mollgaard at 225-3660, Edna Moore at 231-6991 or Johnnie Hunnicutt at 261-6248. We thank you and appreciate your willingness to help in these situations. If you have questions, please contact a Board Member.


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