The Needlepoint Project at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is an ongoing project with a goal of providing beautiful and useful items that enhance our worship space. Anyone who enjoys doing needlepoint is welcome.
Current members of the Needlepoint Group are:

Amy Goodson
Jan House
Nancy Korn
Betty Barton
Jane Potter
Sue Rasche
Elaine Rummage

New Project:

Calling all stitchers! Our next needlepoint project has been approved by the Council. we It will be a wonderful banner which will be stitched to replicate our beautiful stained glass windows with a Luther Rose in the center. When completed, it will hang on the back wall of the sanctuary over the door. Once again it is being designed by Linda Mote who has designed all of our other projects except for the Chrismons.  It will be worked in 9 sections. We have a very generous donor who  is funding the entire project as a memorial but we will need stitchers! Please watch in the coming weeks for meeting announcements. As we will need to gather for distribution of the kits and instructions when they are ready. 



Previous Project:

Our designs are the work of Mrs. Linda Mote of Lexington, SC. After acceptance of her initial design by members of the Needlepoint Committee, Linda prepares a kit for each item that includes the hand-painted needlepoint canvas along with the yarn, needles, and directions for completion of the piece. Once stitching has been completed, they are sent back to Linda for finishing.


The Needlepoint Project has been generously supported by Grants from Thrivent and by memorials and gifts from individuals both from within and from outside of the congregation. In addition, members of the needlepoint group have on occasion used their baking skills as fundraisers for the project.


Phase One consisted of 5 altar kneeling cushions (see photos below). The four smaller cushions are adorned with various symbols of the Holy Trinity and are used at each Communion Service. The fifth larger cushion is the first of  a total of six seasonal center cushions. The Luther Rose symbol on this cushion is appropriate for Advent, Christmas, and Reformation. Each cushion was worked in two pieces, a top and a boxing strip. The cushions from Phase One were dedicated on Reformation Sunday (10/31/04).


Phase Two consisted of covers for 10 chair seats and the kneeling cushion on the Prie Dieu. The design for all of these pieces used the vine pattern from the altar cushions. Also included in this phase were three offering plate silencers. The design and materials for these items were donated by Linda Mote.


Phase Three consisted of the remaining five seasonal center cushions: Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and a cushion for use at weddings. Needlepoint pieces from Phase Two and Three were dedicated on 11/11/07.


Phase Four of the Needlepoint Project is currently in progress and will result in a set of red paraments for use on Pentecost, Reformation, and feast days of the apostles and martyrs. This set consists of an altar superfrontal (worked in three parts), a lectern antependium, a pulpit antependium, and clergy stole (worked in two parts).








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