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75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary Events

The 75th anniversary events began on
October 31st. There was one service at 10:30 a. m. The anniversary hymn, composed by Mr. Martin Swalboski of Jamestown, NY, at the request of the Worship and Music committee, was sung. An anniversary banner, made by Mrs. Alice Pollock of Lexington, SC, was dedicated.
Lunch was prepared and served by the women of the WELCA groups.
(cost of the lunch was covered by a donation). A DVD of an interview with Dr. Alton Clark, mission developer and first pastor of Holy Trinity, was shown.

On November 14th at both services, we observed Music Appreciation Sunday. We thanked God for his gift of music, we  remembered the Lutheran musician-composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, and we expressed appreciation to all who have served Holy Trinity, since 1936, with their musical gifts.
At 3:00 p.m., an anniversary concert was played by Mr. Robert Glick of Greenwood, SC. Mr. Glick is Associate Professor of Organ and Church Music at Erskine College and Theological Seminary. He is also Director of the Master of Sacred Music degree program. He serves as organist at First Presbyterian Church in Greenwood, SC.
Professor Glick holds a BS degree in Music Education, with a major in organ, from Lebanon Valley College, Annville,PA. He has a Master of Sacred Music degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and a Master of Divinity degree from Erskine Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, USA.
Mr. Glick is active as a teacher, recitalist, music workshop leader and consultant for numerous churches and denominations. He has been featured on the Pipedreams program on National Public Radio. He has composed and arranged music for organ and choir, which has been published by Augsburg, Hope, Belwin Mills, Warner Brothers and Paraclete Press Publishing Companies. He has written a book, With All Thy Mind Worship the Way God Made Us (Alban Institute).

The third anniversary event was scheduled for Sunday, December 19th,
Following the 11 a. m. service, a Christmas dinner was served in the Fellowship Hall. After dinner, Cathy Schwarz of Taylors, SC, will presented a program of handbell music for Christmas. Cathy, a talented musician, is active in the music ministry at First Baptist Church in Taylors, and has her own hospital ministry. Cost of the bell program has been donated by Ms. Judy Mancino and Mr. Joseph Mancino in honor of Holy Trinity’s 75th anniversary and in memory of Dr. Julia Speares Mancino.

christmas luncheon
bell concert 121910 001 (Large)

bell concert 121910 002 (Large)

bell concert 121910 004 (Large)

bell concert 121910 011 (Large)

bell concert 121910 013 (Large)

bell concert 121910 014 (Large)

 On Sunday, January 23rd, at 5:00 p. m., an evening of
storytelling was held. The Lutheran Church Youth served a
chili supper, following the program.

Below was the flyer for the Story Tellers night

storytelling (Large)Below was the flyer for our 75th Anniversary.

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 was the actual date of our 75th anniversary. We celebrated our birthday with a history night. At 6:00 p. m., the Lutheran Men served a spaghetti supper. There was also a birthday cake. Mr. Virgil Hobbs and the children and youth of the Sunday School will presented a skit about Holy Trinity’s past.
We are now 75!

75th Anniversary skit 003 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 012 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 011 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 010 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 009 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 008 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 002 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 023 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 020 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 015 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 014 (Large)

75th Anniversary skit 013 (Large)

 Anniversary activities concluded with a Festival Service on Sunday, March 13th. Pre-service music by guest instrumentalists began at 10:00 a. m.
The service began at 10:30 with a processional that included the crucifer, the torch bearers, the Bible bearer, the banner bearer, Pastors Paul Slice, Paul Cooper, Marion Clark, Robert Wilde, Chris Fischer, and Bishop Herman Yoos, Associates in Ministry, Cindy Honeycutt
and Laura Jo Terry.
The theme of the service was thanksgiving to God for leading Holy Trinity Lutheran Church through 75 years of mission and ministry.
Bishop Yoos’s sermon: “Faithful Abiding, Then and Now”.
The anthem, “Give to Our God Immortal Praise”, was composed for this service by Mr. Martin Swalboski. This piece was commissioned by the Worship and Music Committee.

After the service, a reception was held in the Fellowship Hall.

75 Anniversary
Festival Service
3/13/1175annfesserv cover (Large)

7rannfesserv 1 (Large)

75annfesserv 2 (Large)

75annfesserv 3 (Large)

75annfesserv4 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 002 (Large)
HTLC 75 Festival Service 040 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 019 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 023 (Large)
HTLC 75 Festival Service 028 (Large)

75Anniv-DK (9) (Large)
75Anniv-DK (11) (Large)
75Anniv-DK (30) (Large)
HTLC 75 Festival Service 031 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 045 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 048 (Large)
HTLC 75 Festival Service 049 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 050 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 052 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 054 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 059 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 004 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 006 (Large)
75Anniv-DK2 007 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 060 (Large)
HTLC 75 Festival Service 062 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 065 (Large)

DSC_0265 (Large)

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DSC_0259 (Large)
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DSC_0270 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 073 (Large)

DSC_0311 (Large)

DSC_0266 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 038 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 042 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 043 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 044 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 045 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 098 (Large)

75Anniv-DK2 048 (Large)

HTLC 75 Festival Service 100 (Large)
AT the end of the first Vacation Bible School in June, 1938, the children presented a gift of five dollars to the church to start an organ fund.  After the congregation and the Moller Organ Company gave to the fund, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Terry contributed the remainder of the cost of the organ.  This organ served the congregation for 63 years.  It was replaced in 2002 with an instrument built by Cornel Zimmer.

organ pic(our new organ)

Organ Concert 11/14/2010
Organprogram1 (Large)

Organprogram2 (Large)

Organprogram3 (Large)

Organprogram4 (Large)

Here are the Audio only files for the concert (click on the link to get each file)


Now Thank We All Our God

Mr. Glick Introduction to the Fugue in E

Prelude and Fugue in E-flat Major

Mr. Glick Introduction to Overture

Overture to the “St. Paul “Oratorio

Mr. Glick Introduction to Sonata

Sonata No. 6 in d minor, Opus 65

Mr. Glick introduction to A mighty Fortress

Festival Prelude on “A Mighty Fortress”

Mr. Glick introduction to Toccata

Toccata from Organ Symphony No. 5


Did you know?
Pastor Alton Clark arrived on Sept. 15th, 1935
to begin mission work that would establish a Lutheran congregation of the S.C. Synod in the Anderson Area.

On February 23, 1936 – 45 people gathered
for the service that established our church.

Reverend Alton C. Clark, the mission developer,
was called to be the first pastor of our church
on March 1, 1936

A dedication service for the new, two story Parish
house was held on February 10, 1959.  Cost of
the structure was $74,253.00

In the latter part of 1936, the congregation moved forward with plans for a church building.  Two lots on the corner of Broad Street and Oakland Ave were purchased for this purpose.

The first infant baptism took place on June 17th, 1936.  The baby Arthur William Fort, is now a retired Rear Admiral, US Navy, living in Williamsburg, VA.  He is the older brother of Mr. Bob Fort.

In October of 1936, the Women’s Missionary Society of the S.C. Synod, voted to give $5000.00 to Holy Trinity in memory of the deceased president Mrs. M.O.J. Kreps.

After Holy Trinity accepted the generous gift from the Women’s Missionary Society (memorial to Mrs. Kreps), the constitution was changed and the cornerstone carved to indicate the new name: Holy Trinity Kreps Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church

The first meeting of a women’s group, the Women’s Missionary Society, was held on May 10, 1937.
Later that year, a Women’s Guild was organized.