It is the intent of this program that the congregation shall use the expertise of lay persons known as Congregational Health Promoter (CHP) and registered nurses, once trained in the Foundations Course will be known as Faith Community Nurse (formerly Parish Nurse), to utilize the community resources available and assist the congregation in accessing these resources.

Faith Community Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on intentional care of the spirit as well as the promotion of wholistic health and prevention or minimization of illness within the context of a faith community.

Assumptions of Faith Community Nursing:
• Health and illness are human experiences.
• Health is the integration of the spiritual, physical, psychological, and social aspects of the
healthcare consumer to create a sense of harmony with self, others, the environment, and a higher power.
• Health may be experienced in the presence of disease or injury.
• The presence of illness does not preclude health nor does optimum health preclude illness.
• Healing is the process of integrating the body, mind and spirit to create wholeness, health, and a sense of well-being, even when the healthcare consumer’s illness is not cured.

ANA Scope and Standards of Practice
For Faith Community Nurses, 2nd edition


We recommend all our members use this Universal Medication Form to list all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications.

In an emergency situation it can let give medical personal an accurate list of what you are taking, even if you cant speak at the time.


 Click on the above link to download the form as a word document that you can edit, print  and save on your computer.